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 Secure Hive Spotlight Feature.

Who will be the first to sit in the chair?

Simply click on the advertisers banner to visit their web site Easy to do

Simply click on the advertisers banner to visit their web site It's free to any advertiser with a 468 x 60 advert

We are happy to give our advertiserís who have ordered a 468 x 60 advert a Spotlight Feature free of charge.

A spotlight feature will be placed on the shop front and will link through to a full page on secure hive dedicated to an editorial and overview about the advertiser.

Why would I want to do this?

 You may have something to celebrate such as length of time in business, the launch of a new product or an award. 

How long will it run?

We will run the spotlight feature on our shop front for as long as we can but no more than 12 months and it will move down the list as new spotlight features are added as new. If it gets to a situation where we run out of room on the shop front we will create an archive link so that your spotlight feature will still be accessible for the duration of 12 months.

What do you want from me, the advertiser?

What we need from the advertiser. A history overview of their business a bit about themselves, their products and services. Approximately 500 words. and up to 3 pictures or images. We will also direct a hyperlink to the advertiserís website at the bottom of their editorial.

All we ask in return for this free service is a list of the advertiserís suppliers, so we can contact them to see if they will support the Spotlight Feature by placing a small ad along side the overview and editorial. If the advertiserís suppliers do not place a supporting advert we will still run the spotlight as promised.

How do I move forward?

You must have purchased an advert of size 468 x 60 with us to be considered. It's as simple as that.

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Our priority is to ensure that you get back more than you invest and that you rebook your ad or ads with us year after year.