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Returns Policy

  • Secure Hive  products and services are intended for Worldwide business consumers, and individuals over 18 years of age.


  • Your use of any Secure Hive software will also be governed by the terms of a software licence, and our other products and services may also be governed by additional terms. Products or services described on our site but provided by another company who have promoted themselves on the Secure Hive website.


  • Any other third party products or services described on our site are supplied by the relevant third party and subject to that third party's terms and conditions. Even where third party products or services are co-branded by us, we do not endorse them, warrant the accuracy of third party information about those products or services, or warrant the quality or suitability of those products or services for your use.


  • We want you to be completely satisfied with the Products or Services you buy from our web shop. If you are unhappy or wish to complain, then please contact me the owner of ,


  • We offer a 30 days money back guarantee for Secure Hive Software only. You have the right to a full refund if Secure Hive software does not offer what we pledged in our description of features and benefits or if Secure Hive does not run with the system requirements advised.


  • No refund is offered to paid for adverts or anything deemed to be an advert or a promotion via the secure hive website on any page. All advertises or promoters including agencies, must pay upfront before their adverts or promotions will be displayed.


  • Advertisers are allowed to change their banners and wording 3 times in any 12 months period from the date of first advert uploaded.


  • We reserve the right to move ads as we may have to alter our website from time to time. We will ensure that any moved ads will have an equally prominent position.


  • Unpaid for adverts or promotions can be removed without any notice.


  • Free adverts given on promotions can not be resold or given to 3rd parties or redeemed for cash.


  • Free adverts given on promotions must be displayed within a month of receipt and will be displayed for the length of time indicated in the promotion. typical for 12 months unless otherwise stated. 


  • We reserve the right not to display anything that may be offensive, such as hate sites and sites containing images of illegal sexual acts.


  • All prices quoted are subject to VAT or Country Tax if applicable..