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Secure Hive
All prices quoted are subject to VAT or Country Tax if applicable.. 
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Other Security Software

Welcome!  to Secure Hive " For everyone who needs a safe place"

Works with Microsoft® Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista & 7 also works with Microsoft® Windows 8 desktop

Secure Hive now at a 1 time low price for all. Secure Hive stores your private files in a compressed, encrypted archive that can contain one or thousands of files. You can double-click the Secure Hive archives to edit or view protected files with any application, and automatically re-encrypt after modification - there's no need to save the file elsewhere whilst making changes and then re-encrypt. Decryption - edit - encryption all happen seamlessly and without you being aware of working with an encrypted file.

There are 2 downloadable versions

1st) for use with Microsoft® office 2000, 2002, XP and 2003.  Help File

2nd) for use with Microsoft® office 2007 and 2010. Help File

Please be sure to check which version of office you have installed on your PC before you install Secure Hive after purchase.

All currencies are available

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Licenses are based on the number of PC's you wish to install on.

Example you have 3 PC's you wish to use Secure Hive on, then you would need to buy a 3 unit license.

Number of licenses/units Unit Price
1-1 GBP: 16.95
2-4 GBP: 16.00
5-9 GBP: 15.00
10-24 GBP: 14.00
25-49 GBP: 12.95
50-99 GBP: 11.95
100-249 GBP: 11.00
250-499 GBP: 10.50
From 500 GBP: 9.99

Tax/VAT may be added for certain countries. Exact details are provided before the order is completed.

3 Main Key Benefits That Secure Hive Provides As A Solution:

1. Send and receive encrypted emails via outlook
2. Create encrypted documents with any media from Microsoft? Office to Adobe? PDF
3. Encrypt folders, files, docs, pics etc on your PC, network drives, memory stick, flash drive and other types of removable drives.

Once ordered you will receive an email with a location and a user number license. Normally with in 48 hours of purchase. The subject line will contain your order number.

All currencies are available

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