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Want financial independence without being micro managed, we'd love to hear from you.


Employment Opportunities in a Home Based Capacity.

Bee-come A Secure Hive Promoter.


As a Secure Hive Promoter you will be selling advertising space in 3 main areas.






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We are looking for 3 sales people to join us!


If you have drive and ambition and want financial independence without being micro managed, we'd love to hear from you.


With over a quarter of a million unique visitors per year, we have seen an advantage for companies to place adverts on our website.


The type of individuals we are looking for; will need to be  good communicators, self motivated, committed and determined to make money. They will need to  understand the benefits of advertising and what advertising can do for companies. All sales calls will be to business clients, so no selling to the general public is involved. Experience in sales is an advantage but enthusiasm and a want to be a success will be acceptable as it is not a hard sell product. If you have not worked within a sales environment before, then this is a great way to get an understanding and experience as a seller. 


The post is very flexible, so will suit you if you're interested in making money or gaining experience in sales either part or full time. You may be a student or a mum or dad who has stopped working in an office environment or someone who is wanting to work from home, you may be a salesperson who is just not happy with all the Micro Management Tactics that businesses are applying these days. Either way this is a great opportunity to make some extra money and for the truly committed, a career. Between 9 to 5 Monday to Friday would be the best time to work and because this job is flexible its totally your choice for the hours you work.


We offer advertising at a very competitive rate, as low as 19.95 + Vat for 12 months up to 795.95 + Vat for 12 months at the top end. Most decisions are made quickly. We have plans to expand our advert range which will give more opportunities to our promoters and to our advertisers.


Compensation Plan: 40% on all sales including repeat orders made by customers you bring on board, as long as you bring in at least 1 new sale that month of the repeat order. As a Secure Hive promoter you will be self employed, so will be responsible for your own income tax and national insurance contributions and expenses such as telephone bills. Payments of compensation to you will be by bank transfer to your bank account or cash if preferred. This will be given on the last working day of the following month.

There will also be other incentives based on revenue performance. (Pending)

An example of potential earnings for putting in about 30 hours per week;

 In one day you sold 1 x 49.95 ads + 2 x 19.95 ads  + 1 149.85 = 239.70 

@ 40% you earn 95.88

If you achieved this 5 days per week you'd earn = 479.40

Annually this equates to you 24,928.80

An example of potential earnings for putting in 8 hours per week;

Over 32 hours In a month you sold

4 x 49.95 ads + 10 x 19.95 ads  + 3 149.85 = 848.85

@ 40% you earn 339.54

The hourly rate works out @ 10.61 per hr

Annually this equates to you 4,074.48

All compensation is uncapped so there is an opportunity to achieve a higher revenue than explained in the example as well as a lower amount if the stated figurers are not met.

You will need: Your own telephone, a computer with access to the internet + an *email address.

We recommend: You check your call tariff allows free calls to the UK anytime and free calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers. We also recommend you avoid calling mobiles and none-free numbers such as 0844 or 0909 and always observe the fair call time rule of 60 minutes per call that most providers follow.


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