With a quarter of a million plus visitors per year, we just have one question to businesses. Would you like to let our visitors know that you exist?

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1 year block ad in "B2B Business Finder"

To advertise in our B2B Business Finder you must supply a product or a service to Businesses in the UK.

 If we do not have a suitable category we will create one.


Price for 1 year inclusion is

Only  49.95 + VAT


Banner + hyperlink and a 75 word intro about your product or service.


Please advise us which category is suitable for you when sending wording and URL


Advertise on Secure Hive.

Banner Ad 120 x 60 + Hyperlink.

Only 19.95 + VAT per Ad, 12 Months :   

Banner size 120 X 60 Pixels, File format Gif or Jpeg

After purchase please send banner to media@securehive.com Please let us know which category you would like your banner to appear in.

Example Banner size 120 X 60 Pixels,

Typical Banner Size


The Banner Advert 120 x 60 can be placed on any page A great way to get your ad seen and for you to give us a try at a very low risk. Special price of 19.95 GBP + Tax for a full 12 months. You get a banner sized at 120 x 60 pixel place on an appropriate page on securehive.com for a year. once ordered we will be in touch with full guidance.


Any further questions; contact media@securehive.com

 You Need to:

 1) Be able to supply a product or service to Business in the UK or your local County.

2) Have a website

 Its as simple as that. So start generating leads online for your business today. Get your web site seen.