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It's defiantly worth a browse

15th October 2016


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Now with over 800 retailers securehive is starting to become an outstanding shopping experience.

There are over 50 categorised areas with images to enhance ease of use when browsing. No popups, cookies or annoying floating banners.

Itís pure shopping at its best!

An example of savings; On the day I was looking for Mr Selfridge series 3. I checked all over for it for under  £ 10. After searching the web and all the obvious locations I found the best price on one of my own advertisers. I did the same with the pre-release of series 4 and found the same result at a different advertiser on my site. I wonít name the sites because it spoils the fun in searching around the Mall.

Some popular page views of late flowers, sweets, wine, jewellery and gifts. This is possibly down to resent events such as Motherís Day & Valentines Day.

The next time your shopping why not have a go, it may save you money also. Shop online at over 800 retailers


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